“We view research as telling the story of the consumer and understanding how businesses can better meet their needs.”

Who we are

Andrew Johnson

Key previous roles:

  • Managing Director / Research Director at GlobalEDGE Marketing Consultants (4 years)
  • Head of Research International Melbourne (3 years)
  • Marketing Science & Client Service Director, Research International UK & SA (8 years)

Industry passion: “Story telling”; Data Analysis; Segmentation; New product development and Strategy

What I love: Travel, experiencing new cultures, astronomy, science, family time, photography and trying to play golf

Catherine Read-Fletcher

Key previous roles:

  • Director of Client Services at GlobalEDGE Marketing Consultants (8 years)
  • Business Practice Leader: Research International (6 years)

Industry passion: People, stories and strategy; Combining creative & analytical skills; Emerging market consumers; Consulting and qual/ quant hybrid research

What I love: Family, friends, taking joy in the moment, exploring the great outdoors, flamenco dancing, photography and great music

Robbie Johnson

Key previous roles:

  • Senior researcher at GlobalEDGE Marketing Consultants/ GfK South Africa

Industry passion: Fieldwork, central location testing, working in Africa, innovation and NPD and business strategy

What I love: The bush and nature reserves, fishing, photography, golf and all sports, exploring the world, and spending time with family and friends